Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My comments about the yellow time of life

Here are just a few of my favorite yellow things...blooming daffodils, yellow quilts, Bitty with her yellow collar, vintage quilt squares, crazy rug quilts I made for the bathroom, yellow flowered shopping bag, yellow shawl to keep me warm on cold mornings, rugs made by Velma, yellow polka dot sheets, our wonderful chenille bedspread, yellow flowering trees, Bitty and her yellow-eared knit mousie, and Bitty's kitty blanket.

The Yellow Time of Life

Mushroom Barley Soup

Delicious soup from the Jeanne Lemlin cookbook page 48.

Weepy Pea Tree

Can you see the big bee buzzing around in our Weepy Pea Tree? The tree hums with the buzzing of bees when it is in bloom. That tree always reminds me of your folks. A couple of years after we bought the cottage I remember being at the farm with you and your dad was showing us his Weeping Cherry tree which was blooming profusely. I immediately wanted one of those for the cottage, however, they were all sold out at our local nursery so I settled for this tree. Initially, I was disappointed however, after the tree bloomed with these cheerful bright yellow blossoms I was in love. The blooms are something I look forward to every spring.

A treefull of knitted birds

I started knitting these birds the summer we lived in Ann Arbor. I made a couple of new ones recently and now they are all hanging merrily on our candle tree. The book is a gift from a friend, Connie, who I taught to knit. Connie is a bright and bubbly gal who just retired and is a new volunteer at the clinic. This is the second book by the author, Kate Jacobs. The first book was about a yarn shop owner that had a group of very eclectic knitters come in weekly for a group knitting session. I loved the idea of having a group to knit with so I am trying to encourage several people at the clinic to knit. I have taught Connie and Mahayla and they are doing really well - I am so proud.

What am I making?

This is one of several spring projects that I am working on. Can you guess what they are going to be?

Old potholders

Use it up, wear it out, make it due... I worked with an older fellow, Ray, at the factory and these were some of his words of wisdom for me. It came to mind one night when I was sewing and Craig suggested that I make some new potholders. I decided instead to revamp these old ones made by his great grandmother, Plo. The upper right potholder is made from old cowboy material (sorry for poor photo quality). Craig can remember having pajamas made from that material. Plo often used the kids old clothes to make quilts and other items - isn't that wonderful? The gold material is what I used to cover the old potholders. I always thought that the blue potholder was a crackup - it is so uneven! Plo must have been very old when she made it :)

A basketful of yarn

The Fifth Stitch in Defiance had a wonderful yarn sale a couple of months ago. I hope to make you something interesting out of one of the skeins. Our neighbor, Roxie, works at the yarn shop on Mondays and called me about the sale. Roxie gets paid in yarn - what a job.

A surprise - any guesses?

We have a surprise hiding behind these doors. Can you guess what it is?

Lady with a new hairdo

Lady on Easter Day at mom and dad's. She just had her haircut and was chilly so she was laying on a heating pad. She felt wonderful, almost like thick velvet.

Out with the old/in with the new

Last week Craig and our plumber removed our huge old tank water heater and replaced it with this itty bitty model - approximately the size of a phone book. The amazing thing is that it works and we have HOT WATER.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is addictive....

I think this will be post number 12. I am now adding the pictures to the blog myself - how cool. The next step is learning how to take the photos. Craig is reading the blog from his computer now - isn't that weird? I'm really happy with the close up shots taken by the new camera. Bitty looks awesome - you can count the hairs on her head.

I hope that you enjoy these blogs:)

More Hat

The hat was a little too big so I felted it at the laundry and it shrunk a bit too much (easy to do, unfortunately) so I tried to stretch it on the green head. Ill probably give it away next winter.

If you lived in Michigan

Michigan cold weather gear - aren't you glad that you live in Texas??

Tired of being photographed!!

Another shot of Bitty and her toy

Bitty loves to lay on the runner. She likes the nubby texture.

Bitty's Valentines Day Gift

Rutherford's Card

Valentines Day Gift Photos

I hope that I properly ruffled the fringe :) I think your decorator will crack up when she sees the pink lamp with the gold dots. I'm sure she will wonder about my "style". It does look like I have a very stylish friend who sends me awesome gifts.

Another shot

Hopefully, the right photo this time!

Me again - I'm trying to do this myself so bear with me.

Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas


This is what we had for lunch and it was delicious. The recipe is from Vegetarian Classics. I had never tried this recipe because the combination of ingredients sounded...for a lack of a better word - peculiar. I am on a kick to try new recipes (that will be another post) and I am so glad that I tried this one. The tortillas are made in Holgate - isn't that a hoot? We found them at Chief in Bryan and they are really good. Our favorites have tiny bits of jalapeno in them.
I'm so excited about the photos. I didn't do it, but I think that I will be able at some point. It will be helpful when we start listing things again on Ebay. Hopefully, we'll get started on that after this semester ends. Ebaying and selling on Etsy were Craig's main motivation to upgrade our camera. We think that things sell much better if you have great photos.
Take care,

Getting this blog started


Well, this is something which I have wanted to do for quite awhile. I think that I told you we had blogs in Comp 1 and I enjoyed that whole process. I love how you can incorporate photos with the text. Craig didn't understand what I wanted exactly so we had to do some tweaking. Please disregard the invitation to join the website @ At Live you cannot incorporate photos right with the text. I also like the blogger format much better than Live.

Craig just bought a new camera on ebay and it has a memory card that will work with my computer. I can take photos and then load them on my computer and send them to you. It all sounds easy. Of course, I couldn't do any of this stuff without my "geek squad" (Craig) teaching me how to do it. I couldn't function in this technical world without him!